Space is dangerous, It's crowded and it's messy!

As a member of the Galactic Spaceworks Maintenance Division, it is your job, with the help of your work-issued Mark 2 "AstroSmasher" Galactic Maintenance Rig , to keep the space lanes clear.

This is no easy task. Besides the ever-present threat of asteroids, there is an ever-increasing mass of space junk and damaged spacecraft in need of repair, as well as pesky aliens that don't think we should be out there in the first place!

Space Junk Patrol is my first title for the HTC Vive. It features what I call a third-person miniatures perspective: life-sized objects shrunken down to the size of toys that the player can interact with.

The player stands in the middle of an asteroid field and controls their ship, dodging and shooting all manner of obstacles, collecting power-ups, and even repairing satellites, all in the name of keeping space tidy. The action is similar to classic arcade games, only now the player is in the middle of the action instead of looking down at it on a screen.

Space Junk Patrol will be coming early Dec on Steam.

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